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What You Need To Know

What menus am I able to select from?

We’ve got several, what we call “free-range” menus, allowing you stay as strict as you want or mix and match Healthy Gourmet, Paleo/Keto, Vegan, Breakfast, Cold Items, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Desserts, Lite Portion Options and more.

Do you have a vegetarian menu?

Our Plant Based menu provides vegetarians and vegans delicious and nutritious options that satisfy tummies, tongues, and hearts with unmatched convenience and variety.

How long has Fit Food Fresh been killing the game?

Fit Food Fresh was founded 1/1/14 and has been raising the bar ever since.

How long do the meals last?

While our meals may be good for 5-7 days, we deliver on Monday and Thursday so you never have to wait more than 3-4 days between fresh deliveries.

Can I freeze my meals?

We deliver twice each week, so you’ll never have to freeze anything, but you can freeze meals if you feel it’s necessary, thanks to our high-quality containers.

Are your meals frozen?

Ewe… NO. NEVER. Our name is Fit Food FRESH, not Fit Food Frozen. Wanna build a Snowman?

Are your meals Gluten Free?

We offer MANY gluten free options within all of our menus, just keep an eye out for (GF) text or icon.

Is this meal plan for weight loss only?

NO! We can accommodate a variety of goals. We NEVER tout ourselves as diet food. These are healthy portions of healthy food cooked in a health conscious way to make a healthier lifestyle convenient and delicious.

Our portions are of the larger variety, resulting in higher calorie impacts. However, we offer “Lite” portions for those who need less calories without the temptation.

The meal plans I’ve been on are small and don’t keep me satisfied, how do your portions compare?

When we were on the “other guys” we found their portions too small. So we decided to provide 6oz. of COOKED protein, 3oz. of fresh veggies, and 3oz. of a complex carb (depending on menu category). This brings our meals to a total of 12oz. of cooked deliciousness!

Our lite portions for those who want to really limit their calories, contain 4oz. of cooked protein, followed by 2oz. of veggies and 2oz. of a complex carb. Think of these as the size you’d get from other meal plans but with the Fit Food Fresh quality! 🙂

Do you have macros/calories on your meals?

For the convenience of our members, we include macros on the meal labels and on the menu so you can choose based on your nutritional needs. We’ve also added cool filters to sort your menu by your caloric needs!

Can I sample a meal before we buy?

Of course. We LOVE having members come by our HQ in East Boca, where you can check out our clean kitchen, meet the team, and try some meals for free. We also love converting members from other meal plans because they can truly appreciate the difference, so we offer a trade-up program where you can trade meal for meal and experience the difference without spending another dime.

I have a question not listed on here!

Awesome, we love questions and feedback, give us a call at (866) 600-4778 or email us at

How much will my meal plan cost?

We know it’s impossible to make everyone happy with a “one size fits all” approach, so we let you fully customize your plan. To see investment needed for your individual needs, please see “Our Meal Plans” page.

Do you have a contract or is it sign up with no commitment?

We like you a lot, but we’re not ready for a commitment right now. So how about we just win you back every week with awesome food and amazing service? Sound fair?

Do you offer a discount if I buy bulk meals?

Our meals start at $14 with no minimums or commitment, but we have options to reduce it based on convenience to $12 and $11 per meal. Also ask about our pre-paid plans for extra savings!

Where do you deliver?

Unfortunately our current delivery radius is restricted to Dade, Broward, Martin, and Palm Beach counties, but we’re working on a way to extend the geographic footprint of our Fit Food Fresh Family without compromising the level of quality expected by Fit Food Fresh.

What's the minimum delivery?

There’s no minimum or maximum amount of items in your order. (*Unless you’re taking advantage of a promotion or special account.)

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